For a technical list of details about various buildings, see also the article List of Buildings

Buildings are objects which can be constructed by a player or workerbots on a map. Buildings usually act as storage for various materials and items, or buildings can also enable the production of new items that aren't naturally spawned. There are a few buildings which simply have unique functions within the game, and will be explained in detail with each individual article. Buildings can be constructed using blueprints which are placed down in edit mode on the map. Each building type has its own recipe which must have various resources or items brought over to cause its construction to be finished.

Partially constructed buildings have a slightly different appearance on a map and there is no deadline for finishing a construction projects. If a building is partially constructed on a map and then the trash can icon is used to remove the building, the materials deposited into making the building are lost. A fully completed building which is removed can be stored in a building inventory area until it is needed elsewhere on a map. Generally, it is better to simply finish the construction of a building if possible to save on resources.

Building Categories Edit

Buildings can be grouped in the following ways: