A Crude Scooter is a type of vehicle which is used to help speed up a player when travelling across land tiles. After it is made, it can be put in a player's inventory in order to get the extra speed benefit. This is particularly useful when travelling across extreme distances on a map for various tasks.

Recipe Edit

To make a crude scooter at a basic workbench, the following refined resources must be added:

Crude Scooter
PlankIcon plank 1

PoleIcon pole 3

crudewheel crudewheel 2

Known Bugs Edit

While it is intended to be used with workerbots, at the moment having this crude scooter in their inventory does not offer any sort of benefit.

Using a Scooter Edit


In order to use a crude scooter, it must be made in a basic workbench and then put into the player's inventory, not simply something the player is holding. Pressing the letter "i" on the keyboard can open up the player inventory screen to move it from the player's "hands" to the inventory, or if holding the scooter you can press the "/" key, which also moves anything held into the inventory. It only appears visually with a player while moving, not when simply standing still.