(Last updated: Alpha 14 "Momo")

Food is used to feed Folk around the area. Currently there are the following foods: Crude Bread, Milky Porridge, Watery Porridge, Apples, Apple Pies and Cooked Fish.

Farming Edit

Find the cereal crops around the area. To harvest, use a scythe.

Replanting Edit

The crude way to replant the cereal crops, you put cereal in a Threshing Machine, then put the Cereal Seed on Weeds, but it also leads to weeds infinitely growing.

The "better" (no benefit compared to the crude way) is to put Fertilizer over Unweeded soil (shovel weeds to get rid of them), plow them with a hoe, and plant a Cereal Seed.

Making Porridge Edit

Watery Porridge is made through the porridge pot. Put cereal, claypot and water (use the Bucket) and you get watery porridge. Milky Porridge is also made through the porridge pot. Put cereal, claypot and milk (use the Bucket) and you get milky porridge. Milky porridge feeds folk longer than watery porridge (exact values unknown) Then you can feed your Folk by right click once they are housed.

Making Crude Bread Edit

Place 2 cereal seeds into a windmill, and out comes 1 flour.

Using a crude oven, place 2 poles, 1 flour, and 1 bucket of water, you get a Crude Bread.

Crude Bread feeds Folk for 9x longer than Watery Porridge.

Making Apple Pies Edit

To make Apple Pies you will need to have a working Apple Plantation. What you will need is a 1 or 2 Kitchen Table(s), 2 Apples and 1 Pastry. Following these steps will give you an Apple Pie:

  1. Set the/a Kitchen Table to Pastry and make one.
  2. Set the/a Kitchen Table to Apple Pie.
  3. Add 2 Apples and the Pastry.

Apple Pies will feed folk for a long amount of time.

Other Foods

You can simply give Folks Apples to feed them, but it will fill them for a couple of seconds only. You can also fish and give cooked fish to Folks, which fill them for a long time, and when you feed them these it will let them work for you.