Those things lying down on the ground with funny names above them are the Natives of the planet you're visiting. You can house them and feed them to make them happy.

Currently there is no benefit to making Natives happy. Right now it is just a challenge to see how many you can keep constantly happy. Post below and share your record!

Villagers can wear Hats. Just left click on one when holding a hat. Giving a new hat will replace the old one and the old one will be dropped on a random near tile.

Getting Started Edit

At the start of the game the Natives are randomly placed around the map. Most of the time they are frustratingly in the way of placing a building. First thing to do is gather them up and put them somewhere out of the way.

You can pile them up in a small area by right clicking on a Native while holding another one. This will cause the Native being held to drop in a random tile beside the one you 'gave' it to. If you teach Workerbots to pick up Natives, you can tell them to move to a specific tile and Drop All, making a huge 1x1 tower (more space efficient than trying to do it yourself).

Only when you have a good stockpile of Logs, should you begin constructing a village to permanently house the Natives. For now, scout around and find a big open location to found your new village (Like an island away from all your main production zones).

Housing Edit

When you are ready to make your village, pick up and put 5 Planks and 1 Log into your inventory (press 'q' when holding them, or manually access your inventory with 'i' and drag them out of hand slots). Move to the center of where you want your village and construct a General Storage from the 4 Planks you brought. Drop the last Plank into the new Storage to link it to all your other Plank Storages. Make a second Storage beside it using Planks from the handy storage you just made. Place the Log you brought inside of it.

Now you can finally start constructing the Crude Huts that will house the Natives. Each hut requires 4 Logs. Place down enough hut blueprints so that each Native can be placed inside a hut (currently they do not share huts). Tip: design the village as a cluster of food hubs: groups of huts around a General Storage with food and a dedicated Worker delivering food from it. The key is to cut down the walking distance your Workers need to go to deliver food. You will need many food hubs to satisfy large numbers of Natives.

Once the blueprints are all down you can finish them or even better teach Workers to do it for you while you prepare the next steps.

Next you have to bring all the Natives to your completed village. This is easy if you have been collecting them in a pile. Teach your Workers to bring the Natives and drop them in a new pile somewhere convenient in your village (moving them all yourself is way too boring if you have over 50). It helps if you can have recharge bots tied to Beacons along the path.

Finally you have to manually pick up each Native and Add them to an empty hut. Make sure you right click on the hut while holding a Native. Don't just drop them on the yellow arrow tile in front of the hut. If you did it correctly, the number beside the Smiley face in the top left of the game screen will increase by 1. Congratulations you just got a Villager. Keep doing this for the rest of the homeless Natives and you will have your very own Village!

Feeding Edit

The hard part is feeding your Villagers. Once they become homeowners, they expect you to keep them fed.

Check the Food page for the different foods and how to make them. Crude Bread is currently the best food to feed them, or just straight milk if you are trying to get rid of it (though you will need more workers delivering just to keep up with how quickly they want another milk).

It is easiest if you produce the food somewhere else and just have your delivery bots take it out of storages inside the village (see food hubs tip above).

Each time you feed a Villager, they become happy and get a Smiley Face in their thought bubble. This happy state only lasts until they are hungry again (the time depends on the food given). When they are hungry they have an icon of Crude Bread or Porridge in their thought bubble (this is info from v4 and needs to be verified in v6).

The average of how many happy villagers compared to unhappy will affect the face icon in the top left of the game screen. It goes from Smiling when most villagers are happy, then becomes Indifferent, then Sad/Mad when most are hungry (usually all of them because you run out of food and turn off the automated feeding so you can make a bunch more food).

To give an idea of the food demand, in v4 I had 3 workers dedicated to making Crude Bread at Clay Furnaces, to 2 Workers dedicated to making Flour at Windmills (needed for bread), to about 16 farm workers making Cereal for the flour (4 Scythers, 4 Tillers, 4 planters, and 4 collectors). At least another 4 workers were involved in Seed production, but that ran only every once in a while. All that and I could not keep up with constant food demands from about 50 Villagers. In v6 a lot of things have been improved so I will update with my new setup once I get it going (Flour made from seeds halves Cereal requirements).

Future Plans Edit

The Devs have hinted that Totems will increase happiness in some way.

The Devs have stated that they will completely overhaul how the Natives work. They said that they wanted Natives to do something useful. So far we do not know what they plan to do.

New hut types will probably also be added. Maybe they can give happiness boosts.