Pumpkin Crops are crops. You can harvest them, but I don't really know much about them. I came on the wiki looking for a page on pumpkin crops, but there wasn't one. Now I'm writing one. Okay I did some stuff, figured it all out. Pumkins are currently just a decoration. You can harvest them, but that's it. You cannot replant them, eat them, or craft anything. So, yeah. I think we should all collect pumpkins for when the update comes out for pumpkins. Everyone go harvest pumpkins and put 'em in a box. Ok, peace out. Also BT DUBS if your editing this, don't remove this part. Just add onto it.

Ok, I won't remove it.

A pumpkin can be harvested with a scythe or sickle. The harvested pumpkin can then be hit with a mallet which will produce two pumpkin seeds. The pumpkin seeds can then be planted in any soil.


Pumpkin crop