A Regular Land Tile is a type of tile used normally for the placement of buildings. While not of itself something which can be used to extract resources, it can be used in the production of mushrooms and berries. A large number and a diverse group of objects can be found on this tile type as well.

Spawned Objects and Items Edit

The following items are naturally spawned on regular land tiles:

While there are a few stones in the immediate area of the player when the game starts on regular land tiles, most of the naturally spawning stones can be found on metal deposits instead. Sticks are also most commonly found immediately adjacent to tree soil tiles, although there are exceptions.

In addition, the following objects spawn on regular land tiles:

Resources Edit

The following are resources which can be obtained on regular land tiles:

These are naturally spawning resources on this tile type, but resource production for sustained quantities of these items happens on tree soil tiles and metal deposits instead. As naturally spawned items, they need no tools to harvest.

These seeds can be harvested from this land tile type and indeed is the only place where they are found, but can only be planted in a flower pot if the goal is to harvest additional seeds in a flower farm. The seeds come from wild flowers, which must be harvested with a sickle.

These two items can both be harvested directly from the regular land tile with a shovel and then replanted on the same or another regular land tile. This also permits the creation of a mushroom farm and a berry farm. Mushrooms are used in the making of mushroom soup, while berries currently have no further use in the production of other items.

When building farms for mushrooms and berries, it would be advisable to find an isolated location for their production like a small island or region of regular land tiles which is comparatively few in number, as these farms can expand to the full range of the workerbots and sort of get out of hand. Alternatively, you may wish to use a fence to isolate the range and extent of the workerbots in the construction of such farms.

It may be desirable to remove all of these items from regular land tiles in order to construct various buildings.