This page provides a list of game-play items and buildings as well as the resources (creatures, buildings, tools, items, and terrain tiles) needed to attain them.

The resources are sorted into levels of refinement. Many items in the game require blueprint buildings of varying complexity, grouped together in Level 1 and at the top of each of the other sections.

In the matrix, Level 1 resources include raw resources and other items as found over the various terrains that make up the initial island. Some found items are only available on other islands (standard map) and therefore require a canoe to attain). Anything in Level 2 can be attained by combining one or more things from Level 1. Likewise, anything in Level 3, etc. can be attained by combining one or more things from the previous levels.

The links in the first column of the tables (below) jump to other pages in this wiki (except where bracketed). All links in the other columns jump to related reference on this page. An asterisk (Axe*) indicates that "any of that type" will suffice, i.e. there are three axe types – crude, wooden, metal.

Use the matrix to plan and develop your own strategy as to when or how you collect and combine resources. No creature will suffer... just don't cut down the last tree before planting seeds!

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Level 1: Starting resources

Everything in this section is generated at the start of the game; some can also be created with the resources listed.


CowIcon Cow
FolkIcon Folk
Sheep icon Sheep


Cereal Crop Tile Cereal Crop Tile
ClayTile Clay Tile
MetalDeposit Metal Deposits
WaterTile Water Tile (Water Tiles)
DeepWater Deep Water
SeaWater Sea Water
DeesSeaTile Deep Sea Water
WeedsTile Weeds Tile

Found ObjectsEdit

Name Resources
Apple Tree Apple Tree Apple Seed Tree Hole Canoe
Apples Apples Apple Tree Wooden Mallet or Axe*
Boulder Boulder
Pine Tree Pine Tree (Trees) Tree Seed Tree Hole
LogIcon Log Tree* Axe*
StickIcon Stick Pine Tree Wooden Mallet
StoneIcon Stone Metal Deposits or Boulder Pickaxe*
WeedsIcon Weeds Weeds Tile Shovel*

Blueprint ItemsEdit

Tools/Machinery easily made by combining found resources.

Name Resources
BasicMillineryBenchIcon Basic Millinery Bench Log Plank Pole
BasicWorkbenchIcon Basic Workbench Simple Flooring Log Pole Stone
BenchSawIcon Bench Saw Simple Flooring Log Plank
ClayFurnaceIcon Clay Furnace Clay
CompostBinIcon Compost Bin Plank Pole
CrudeBenchSawIcon Crude Bench Saw Simple Flooring Log Stone Plank
CrudeHutIcon Crude Hut Log
CrudeOvenIcon Crude Oven Log
FencingIcon Fencing Plank Pole
GateIcon Gate Plank Pole
GeneralStorageIcon General Storage Plank
MetalWorkbenchIcon Metal Workbench Simple Flooring Log Pole
MilkStorageIcon Milk Storage Plank Pole
PorridgePotIcon Porridge Pot Plank Pole
SeedlingTrayIcon Seedling Tray Plank
SimpleFlooringIcon Simple Flooring Log
WorkerAssemblyIcon Worker Assembler Log Plank Pole

Level 2: Objects based on level 1 resources

Name Resources
CharcoalIcon Charcoal Clay Furnace Log
CrudeAxeIcon Crude Axe (Axes) Stick Stone
CrudeShovelIcon Crude Shovel (Shovels) Stick Stone
StringIcon String Weeds

Level 3: Objects requiring level 1-2 resources

Name Resources
ClayIcon Clay Clay Tile Shovel*
PlankIcon Plank Axe* or Bench Saw* Log
TreeSeedIcon Tree Seed Pine Tree Axe*

Level 4: Objects requiring level 1-3 resources

Name Resources
CrudeGearIcon Crude Gear Basic Workbench Plank
PoleIcon Pole Axe* or Bench Saw* Plank
RawClayPotIcon Raw Clay Pot Clay Furnace Clay
WoodenBucketIcon Wooden Bucket Basic Workbench Plank

Level 5: Objects requiring level 1-4 resources

Name Resources
BesomBroomIcon Besom Broom Basic Workbench Pole Stick
ClayPotIcon Clay Pot Clay Furnace Raw Clay Pot Plank
CrudeWorkerbotIcon Crude Workerbot Worker Assembler Plank Pole Crude Gear
DungIcon Dung Cow Wooden Bucket (for milking cow)
FishingRodIcon Fishing Rod Basic Workbench Pole String
KnittingNeedlesIcon Knitting Needles Basic Workbench Pole
MilkIcon Milk Cow Wooden Bucket
PaddleIcon Paddle Basic Workbench Plank Pole
WaterIcon Water Wooden Bucket (Water Tile)
WoodenAxeIcon Wooden Axe Basic Workbench Plank Pole
WoodenFlailIcon Wooden Flail Basic Workbench Pole
WoodenHoeIcon Wooden Hoe Basic Workbench Plank Pole
WoodenMalletIcon Wooden Mallet Basic Workbench Log Pole
WoodenPickaxeIcon Wooden Pickaxe (Pickaxes) Basic Workbench Plank Pole
WoodenScytheIcon Wooden Scythe (Scythes) Basic Workbench Plank Pole
WoodenShovelIcon Wooden Shovel Basic Workbench Plank Pole
WoodenSickleIcon Wooden Sickle (Sickles) Basic Workbench Plank Pole

Level 6: Objects requiring level 1-5 resources

Blueprint ItemsEdit

Name Resources
ThreshingMachineIcon Threshing Machine Log Pole Wooden Shovel
WoodRouterIcon Wood Router Simple Flooring Plank Pole Log Wooden Axe

Refined ItemsEdit

Name Resources
ButterIcon Butter Milk
CerealIcon Cereal Cereal Crop Tile or Scythe* Sickle*
CrudeWheelIcon Crude Wheel Wood Router Plank
FertiliserIcon Fertiliser Compost Bin Dung
FlowerSeedIcon Flower Seed Flower Sickle*
GearIcon Gear Wood Router Plank
MetalOreIcon Metal Ore Metal Deposits or Boulder Pickaxe*

Level 7: Objects requiring level 1-6 resources

Blueprint ItemsEdit

Name Resources
RecyclerIcon Recycler Log Plank Gear
WindmillIcon Windmill Log Pole Gear

Refined ItemsEdit

Name Resources
BasicWorkerbotIcon Basic Workerbot Worker Assembler Plank Pole Gear
CerealSeedIcon Cereal Seed Wooden Flail or Threshing Machine Cereal
CrudeScooterIcon Crude Scooter Basic Workbench Plank Pole Crude Wheel
MetalIcon Metal Clay Furnace Metal Ore Charcoal
SeedlingIcon Seedling Seedling Tray Tree Seeds Fertilizer
StrawIcon Straw Threshing Machine Cereal

Level 8: Objects requiring level 1-7 resources

Name Resources
BackpackIcon Crude Backpack Basic Workbench Straw
CrudeBasketIcon Crude Basket Basic Workbench Stick Straw
CrudeTorchIcon Crude Torch Basic Workbench Stick Straw
FlourIcon Flour Windmill Cereal Seed
Hats Hats Basic Millinery Bench or String Straw
MetalPlateIcon Metal Plate Metal Workbench Metal
MetalPoleIcon Metal Pole Metal Workbench Metal
WateryPorridgeIcon Watery Porridge Porridge Pot Cereal Seed Water

Level 9: Objects requiring level 1-8 resources

Name Resources
BeaconIcon Beacon Worker Assembly Metal Plates & Poles
CrudeBreadIcon Crude Bread Crude Oven Stick Water Flour
MetalAxeIcon Metal Axe Metal Workbench Pole Metal plate
MetalChiselIcon Metal Chisel Metal Workbench Pole Metal plate
MetalGearIcon Metal Gear Metal Workbench Metal plate
MetalHoeIcon Metal Hoe Metal Workbench Pole Metal plate
MetalPickaxeIcon Metal Pickaxe Metal Workbench Pole Metal plate
MetalScytheIcon Metal Scythe Metal Workbench Pole Metal plate
MetalShovelIcon Metal Shovel Metal Workbench Pole Metal plate
MetalSickleIcon Metal Sickle Metal Workbench Pole Metal plate
MetalSawBladeIcon Metal Sawblade Metal Workbench Stone Metal plate
PitchforkIcon Pitchfork Metal Workbench Pole Metal plate
ShearsIcon Shears Metal Workbench Metal plate
SteamWorkerbotIcon Steam Workerbot Worker Assembler Water Metal Plate Metal Pole Metal gear

Level 10: Objects requiring level 1-9 resources

Blueprint ItemEdit

Name Resources
TotemIcon Totem log Wooden Mallet Metal Chisel

Refined ItemsEdit

Name Resources
CanoeIcon Canoe Basic Workbench Log Wooden Mallet Metal Chisel
Fleece Fleece Sheep Shears