Storage Buildings are a kind of building which are used to store or teleport items, tools, and food. Storage buildings are useful in breaking up production chains into small manageable steps, providing a buffer for temporary consumption increases, and preventing workerbots from generating towers of resources on the map (if they are instructed to stop generating items when storage is full).

Capacity Edit

Most individual storage buildings hold 100 items of a specific type. The limit per building is 10 instead of 100 for the following:

Seedling Trays hold 150 seedlings each.

Teleportation Edit

All storage buildings for the same resource are connected: they share a common pool of resources with capacity equal to the total capacity of all units, and items placed into one storage unit may be freely extracted from any other unit on the map. Thus, production and consumption of any resource can be done at great distances apart, and spare storage can be located anywhere.

Note that storage buildings may not have this functionality in future versions.

Storage Building Types Edit

The following are the different kinds of storage buildings:

Loss of Associated Data Edit

When in a storage container, items lose all data associated with them, including how much a tool has been used (resetting its durability to full) and programming instructions for workerbots and data storage.

Demolition Edit

Demolishing storage buildings never destroys items; you can always access all stored items from any of the remaining storage buildings of the same type (even if storage is over its capacity).

History Edit

When Autonauts was originally released, storage buildings held 1000 items instead of merely 100. This changed as of Version 5 ("Drew") when the storage limits were lowered to what is currently in the game.