For a more technical level view of map and game components, see also the Landscape article.

Tiles are individual components of the map that exists in Autonauts. These are usually collected in large groups which form a broad areas where resources can be gathered. Each tile usually has one or more kinds of resources which can be collected from them using a tool that is often unique to each tile. In addition, tiles can have buildings constructed by the player or workerbots as well as objects and items that can be placed upon those tiles.

List of Tiles Edit

The following is a list of tiles currently in the game:

  • CerealCrop Cereal Crop - The source of materials for Cereal to provide necessary ingredients for food.
  • ClayTile Clay Tile - Deposits of clay which can be mined with a shovel.
  • DeesSeaTile Deep Sea Water - Salt water that is impassible except when using a canoe.
  • DeepWater Deep Water - Fresh water that is normally impassable. It can be used with a fishing rod to harvest salmon.
  • GrassTile Grass - Where most animals can be found.
  • MetalDeposit Metal Deposits - The source of all MetalOreIcon Metal Ore, which needs to be extracted with a pickaxe.
  • RegularLandTile Regular Land Tile - The most common land tile in the game and where most buildings are constructed.
  • SandTile Sand Tile - This forms a sort of beach area adjacent to the sea. It is the source of sand as a resource, which requires a bucket.
  • SeaWater Sea Water - A soruce of salt water that can be used to collect WaterIcon Water as a resources.
  • Soil Soil - Crop soil for cereal that has been treated with fertiliser.
  • TilledSoil Tilled Soil - A soil tile that has been prepared by a hoe to be made ready for cereal.
  • TreeSoil Tree Soil - Trees can only be grown on tree soil.
  • TreeSeedHole Tree Seed Hole - Technically just a transformation of tree soil, this is created when tree soil is used with a shovel.
  • TreeSeedHole Tree Tile - The technical tile used for displaying trees in the game. A tree of some sort (usually pine trees) are found growing on this tile. It is never found without a tree.
  • WaterTile Water Tile - A source of fresh water that can be used to collect WaterIcon Water as a resource.
  • WeededSoil Weeded Soil - Cereal Crop and Weeds Tile turns into Weeded Soil when weeds or cereal are removed.
  • WeedsTile Weeds Tile - At game start surrounds and can be turned into cereal crop tiles. Is a source of WeedsIcon Weeds, which can be turned into string.