For a complete list of every tool in the game and a side-by-side comparison, see also the article All Tools.

Tools are items which allow workerbots or the player to be able to manipulate or access resources in the game.

Tool Tiers Edit

There are three broad categories of tool tiers in Autonauts:

  1. Crude Tools
  2. Wooden Tools
  3. Metal Tools

Each successive tier of tools becomes both faster to use and lasts longer before it breaks, due to its durability. On the other hand, each subsequent tier of tools also requires tools from the previous tier in order to be created as well as consuming more resources in order to produce that tool, so there is a trade-off. When starting the game for the first time or in a new game, you must begin with crude tools however.

There are also some tools which are unique to just wooden tools or metal tools, thus don't have successive grades or quality.

Tool Categories Edit

In addition to each tier, there are broad categories of tools which perform different functions. These tools may be in one or more of the above tiers, thus for some types there may be as many as three different tools, each performing slightly differently but all doing essentially the same task. For some tools though, they are only in one tier of tool type. Broad categories of tools are as follows:

Tool Application
Axes Chops a tree to produce a log and tree seed or apple.
Buckets Transports liquids to and from storage.
Chisels Used only as an ingredient or component of other items and structures.
Flails Threshes Cereal to obtain cereal seed.
Hoes Tills soil for planting cereal seed.
Knitting Needles Finishes the manufacturing of clothes as the final step on a rocking chair.
Mallets Strikes a pine tree to produce a stick or an apple tree to produce an apple.
Pickaxes Harvests metal deposits for metal ore and stone.
Scythes Mows cereal crop tiles to produce cereal.
Shears Cuts the fleece from sheep to make clothing
Shovels Digs holes for tree seeds, extracts clay from clay tiles, and harvest various plants.
Sickles Also mows cereal crop to produce cereal, but it also can harvest flowers.
Watering Can Waters potted flowers to keep them alive.

Some of these tools are also used as components or ingredients in making other items. Please read specific articles for details.